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Company History

Truck Align commenced in 1977, when Engineer Bruce Reilly returned from deep sea and Tours of Ship Duty in Vietnam. By then, Bruce had forged a successful career – over 16 years – as a skilled and practical 'hands on' Marine Chief Engineer.


The aim of the business was – and remains – to provide professional and engineered solutions to the road transport industry for wheel alignment and balance deficiencies. At this time, the emerging popular use of the new radial tyre required more exacting steering geometry in order to improve steering, handling and ensure dramatic increase in tyre life.

Bruce soon discovered that steering and alignment geometry of mainly imported right hand drive trucks especially, but also passenger cars and 4WD vehicles were basically incorrect for Australian road conditions. The high road crown used extensively in Australia placed a camber bias into steering geometry that created a 'pull left' effect that wore tyres and aided little in the way of driver comfort through constant steering correction and added to fatigue.

With this in mind, the company identified a need for exact steering geometry specifications. Over time, solutions to satisfy this need were developed, through innovative engineering, securing funding – primarily through State and Federal grants, to conduct extensive research and development – and the commencement of production and marketing.

Innovation and Precision

The company began developing a series of innovative parts, a range of machinery and equipment that allowed adjustment and cold axle correction to steering geometry, allowing the vehicle to drive in a straight line. In tandem with the manufacture of these parts, a laser based measuring system was developed to accurately measure the castor, camber, toe and thrust of heavy vehicles.

By adding the Company's relevant sized and correctly adjusted part, or by correction means the vehicle is able to literally drive straight, dramatically improving tyre life.

Product Distribution

By association with national and international industry bodies, a range of patented parts and equipment developed by Truck Align found ready and sizeable markets within professional alignment workshops throughout the country and internationally, to America, Africa and the Pacific.

As a specialist in alignment and balancing, Truck Align keeps abreast of developments in the industry. In 2011, Truck Align secured the sole distribution rights in Australia and New Zealand for the Centramatic On-board Balancing System, an innovative product created in the US that balances your wheels while you drive.

From small beginnings, Truck Align has become a leader in its field and continues to provide expertise and value for money.

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