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Training for the use of Truck Align equipment

If you have purchased Truck Align equipment and wish to be trained in the expert use of these products, Truck Align will come to you to train you up!

To request training, please email bruce@truckalign.com.au or phone 0407 949 077


Bruce on location in the Middle East

  • Assembly and introduction to trainees and supervisor. Meet with owner
  • Introduction to training: discussion of theory and practical applications
  • PowerPoint presentation, handing out of information, record and vehicle specification sheets
  • Introduction to Model Truck: discussion of various misalignment conditions
  • Proceed through 2-4 DVD training sessions
  • Discussion and questions class participation to increase trainee knowledge to appropriate level
  • Commence practical: performing physical alignments on site
  • Continue practical alignment: true up, take specs and adjust to laser
  • Occasional on site breaks to discuss any issues with procedures, etc
  • Get trainees to perform alignment – small group – from start to completion
  • Break for some explanations and any theory points noted lacking
  • Review progress, choose leaders, identify advancing skills and practical ability and continue
  • Return to classroom to reinforce any weak outcomes noted in the field
  • Run through vehicle specifications for camber, caster, toe, axle square, etc
  • Opportunity provided for any ‘slow’ but keen trainees to play with model to learn reasoning behind various means to rectify alignment criteria in a practical sense
  • Summing up of situation towards the end of the training period, assisting any ‘slow’ students with homework and/or after-day extra training
  • Completion of training, assessment and issuing of certificates at a gathering of company executives; ‘Handshake’ photographs; Acknowledgements and congratulations
  • Establish and maintain contact with trainees who wish to stay in touch, via email, etc
  • Maintain agreed upon ongoing technical support for client
  • Return home

Bruce and trainee team in Saudi Arabia